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On CloudFlare & Self Hosting

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Two or three ago a friend asked me which domain registrar I was using for things these days, and it sparked some discourse around the use of CloudFlare especially with self-hosting. Now this is a topic I've given considerably thought to over the years, but never actually put into one place concisely. This is an omission I wish to correct here.

Ghost Live! (part 1: current solutions)

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A few weeks ago I decided I wanted to setup some proper livestreaming for myself. I didn't have anything particular in mind with what I wanted to stream or who to, I just wanted the ability do so without fear of censorship, tracking or adverts.

Fingerprints, Really?

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The post COVID-19 lockdown period we are currently in here in the UK has lead to many new experiences all round, but today I experienced one from the most unlikely of sources in a way I never expected.